Cheat GUI

Cheat GUI

Cheat List

  • Weapons Hack
  • Name ESP
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Infinity Ammo
  • Infinity WP
  • Spawn Hack
  • Wolf Hack

Anti Anti-Cheat

  • Random Hash
  • Random Form Title
  • Random HWND Objects
  • Random GUID
  • Encrypted string
  • No Suspected string in memory
  • Empty file details
  • No Icon
  • Random file name

Server Sides

  • Support all wolfteam servers
  • Free to use
  • Require site login
  • Automatic check for new updates



Weapons Hack

Weapons hack make you able to use any weapon ingame, you will get real weapon with real damage to enemy.


Name ESP

When you enable nameESP you will be able to see enemy names and health through walls and locate their location.


No Recoil

When start shooting weapon won't get higher and it will stuck in its place for better shooting.


No Spread

Your bullets when spilt around while shooting and it will stuck at same point of crosshair.


Infinity Ammo

When you start shooting the bullets you lose will be added to your total ammo so you are losing no ammo.


Infinity WP

Using infinity wp will give you the ability to buy any weapon while playing match without needing wp.


Spawn Hack

Once you die you will be spawned once again without waiting the 3 seconds cooldown.


Wolf Hack

Wolf Hack give you the ability to choose to play with any wolf exist in wolfteam.


1. Open cheat and login with your username and password, and you will get message "logged in" if everything is okay.

2. If you didn't verify your account recently make sure to verify it from Verification page.

3. Dont click on the cheat because it will be frozen if it shows "not responding" just ignore that.

4. after that launch Wolfteam and hack menu will appear once xigncode finish loading.

5. if you xigncode didn't load or you used some kind of bypass to block it, cheat menu won't appear.

6. in order to save your selected weapons click save weapons key and option.ini file will be created.

7. to load your saved weapons click load weapons button.


Internet Access Our client will make internet connection with our site to login and check if client is up to date only.

Access Memory The client will have an access to virtual memory.

Encryption Our cheats is packed by vmprotect to avoid getting it cracked. some anti-virus may detect our cheat as virus because they cannot know what does it do because its packed. simply if you dont trust us dont use our cheats or upgrade to better anti-virus which is able to decrypt vmprotect such as ESET NOD.

VirusTotal As we mentioned before our cheat is packed to protect it from getting it cracked. A pack is to make cracker not able make change in our cheat and modify it to get access without login or others. some Anti-Virus cannot unpack the file and they define file as virus but some others can unpack the file such as eset nod and they will define file as clean because its originally clean.

Power We using automatic service to check if the cheat is detected or undetected. you can simply go to homepage to check the status.

RAR Password the file is protected with password to avoid hotlinking the password is intcheats